PL-259-FSJ4-50B Installation Instructions.

First: remove a 3/8" of the insulation jacket, and then cut the copper through the copper corrugation. For best results use a hack saw or a hobby saw. Then remove the copper corrugation.
Second: from the start of the cable, remove 1/4 inch of the dielectric. Then clean off the center conductor and straighten out the center conductor ***this must be straight or pin can break*** Then file center conductor to a bullet shape.
Third: 1/4 inches away from the dielectric heat up flow solder on center conductor and slide the pin on as the solder flows. Use a SO-239 as a pin holder. Fill the front of pin with solder.
Fourth: remove 1/2 inch of the insulation jacket. Push the connector on the cable until the pin comes out of the hole. Then start turning the connector onto the insulation jacket.
You will start to see the copper corrugation in the solder holes of the connector.
When the pin is 23/32 inch outside of the connector, you will have the proper pin length.
Solder all the holes and tighten the body on the cable. Slide the heat shrink on the cable, half on the connector, and half on the cable. Apply heat and you will be finished.

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