Hardline Coaxial Cable

Let The R. F. Connection's Research and Development Department build your cable assemblies for you. Call The Tech Line (301) 840-5477 or send mail to rfc@therfc.com for an estimate for your particular needs.
$150.00/100 ft
1/4 inch Superflex HL, ANDREW Cable Specifications
$336.00/100 ft
1/2 inch Superflex Foam, ANDREW Cable Specifications
Andrew LDF4-50A
1/2" Hardline, ANDREW Cable Specifications
Andrew LDF5-50A
7/8" Hardline, Old Style, ANDREW Cable Specifications
EUPEN 1/2" Low Loss Cable Cable Specifications
EC5-50 Old Style
EUPEN Equal to LDF5 Hardline (also call or email for close out special) Cable Specifications
AVA 7/8" Hardline Andrew Cable Specifications
7/8" EUPEN Hardline, New Style Cable Specifications
1 5/8" AVA Hardline Andrew Cable Specifications

Hardline Connectors

Prices subject to change without notice.
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All cables are not in stock, will drop-ship from factory.

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